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You are halfway to the changeover—some 20 km still to go though. The run comes next, and you need maximum efficiency to conserve every calorie so you’ll have enough in the tank for those 10km pounding the pave on foot . . .

cycling event


. . . so you glance down at your Cycore computer taking in at a glance calorie consumption, heart rate, average cadence and the all-important power output from your Cycore power meters, variably monitoring left and right wattage input into your drivetrain.

Hours and hours of training in the leadup to the event has taught you that even the tiniest bodily re-positioning result in big energy conservation gains.

You make your adjustment.


Monitoring Anytime

In that split-second glimpse of the screen, you also noted too much pressure on the left pedal.

“Need to ease off on the left, increase on the right,” you murmur to yourself, again recalling countless training runs replicating balanced energy input.

There’s never a guaranteed spot waiting for you on the podium. But by taking care of the little things moment by moment, the big things tend to take care of themselves.


At Cycore we appreciate that the smallest things can have the largest impact—the butterfly wings effect.

Cycore’s expertise in sporting electronics is unmatched.

Many of the top sporting brands rely on our componentry and designs.

Now you can too. Directly, without the middle-man.

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